It was back in 1977 that a group of experts in the sector joined in partnership to start up an activity manufacturing and Aged_chi siamodistributing technical articles in rubber and plastic materials.
Over three decades dedicated to quality

With its wealth of technical know-how, AGED was able to integrate quickly within the highly-industrialised region, specialising in supplying technical articles for a variety of industrial sectors, and within a short space of time, becoming recognised for its high levels of quality.
This resulted in the company expanding its customer-base from the Province of Turin to cover the whole country, with success also in foreign market sectors related to plant installations, machine tools, rail and tramways, automotive, electronics, nautical, among others.
The reliability of an AGED article starts right from the design phase that takes place through a work of close collaboration with the technical offices of the customer, who is kept constantly updated of progress during the whole project. This method permits the manufactured articles produced to be highly optimised, and allows the ideal raw materials and transformation techniques to be identified to meet the customer’s requirements, producing unique articles not otherwise found on the market.
Our Technical Offices can be contacted for an in-depth technical consultancy, advice on how to use products and for cost estimates. Staff are fully qualified to provide information on a whole range of plastic and elastomer products.