Although based in Turin, AGED provides small and large-sized companies located anywhere in the country with technical articles in plastic, moulded using different techniques that include injection moulding, co-moulding and thermoforming. Articles offered by the Turinese company are available in both standard and customised versions, designed by the Technical Office in partnership with the customer, in many cases starting from a drawing that the customer themselves has supplied to ensure full satisfaction.
Guaranteed quality

To produce articles of a high quality standard it is necessary to employ only raw materials meeting high quality levels that are able to guarantee the reliability and long duration of products. Materials employed are thermoplastic resins (PP, PE, ABS, PA, PPO, POM, PET, PBT, PMMA), thermoplastic rubbers (TPE) and new generationtechnopolymers with extremely sophisticated properties (PEI, PAI, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK).
Only last-generation machines

For our production processes, we use only machines that are continually renewed and kept up-to-date with the most advanced, highly specialised technologies. On customer request, further workings can be carried out on moulded products, including welding, painting and application of adhesive.