AGED is specialised in the production of O-Rings made out of all the most common types of rubber, such as NBR, VitonAged_Anelli O-Ring (FKM), Silicone (VMQ), EPDM and HNBR. Other rubbers are: food-compatible, coloured, fire-proof, in special compounds and in all hardness grades between 20 and 95 Sh. Size range available varies from a minimum cord of 0.5 mm (diameter 2.5 mm) to a maximum cord of 26 mm (diameter virtually unlimited). AGED is able to supply O-Rings of large dimensions not restricted by size, manufactured using a new technology that does not require gluing or vulcanisation of the ends of a cut-to-measure rods but compression moulding.
This system allows mechanical properties of the highest level to be achieved, producing high-precision O-Rings with tolerance levels within the range of the ISO 3601-1 standard, and with extremely high technical characteristics. All this at competitive prices, in spite of the extremely large diameters. To produce these O-Rings, no charges apply for the construction of moulds of any diameter whatsoever, and minimum orders are accepted even for a single unit. In our warehouse we have a stock of tens of millions of pieces, subdivided into thousands of different sizes.
Aged is the name of a company whose business is the production and supply of a multitude of  products, such as the following:
. rubber cylinders
. polycarbonate covers
. rubber bearings
. closed cell foam articles
. mining industry supplies
. die-cut rubber articles
. chloroprene rubber
Please do not hesitate to contact the company’s head-office. Our staff are on-hand to answer all your questions.AGED supplies o-rings in all the most important types of rubber available:
• Viton (FKM)
• Silicon (VMQ)
Many types of rubber articles are available for the food processing industry that are fire-proof, available in hardnesses from 20 to 95 Sh, in special compounds and in a variety of colours.
The size range available varies from a minimum cord of 0.5 mm (2.5 mm diameter) to a maximum cord of 26 mm (virtually unlimited in diameter).
In stock in our warehouse we have literally tens of millions of pieces, sub-divided into thousands of different sizes.
No size restrictions
AGED can supply large dimension O-Rings with no size limitations, produced using a new technology that, instead of requiring rod ends to be cut to size and subsequently glued or vulcanised, employs compression moulding. This type of procedure allows the highest level of mechanical characteristics to be achieved, with the production of high-precision O-Rings having tolerances within the limits of the ISO 3601-1 standards and elevated technical characteristics.
All articles are competitively-priced in spite of the large-sized diameters. In fact, for orders of these O-Rings, no charges apply for construction of the moulds of varying diameters, and even minimum orders of a single unit are accepted.