The company is specialised in producing and distributing moulded and extruded articles in rubber and plastic materials.
The raw materials used in the transformation and working phases meet the highest quality standards, and comply with the parameters stipulated in European and USA standards. They also conform with the requirements of prestigious organisations, such as the major automobile companies, with regard to project and production processes.
Therefore, maintaining these standards, AGED is able to offer its customer-base, deriving from the most diverse industrial sectors, articles of the following types:
• profiles in co-extruded, auto-adhesive, solid and foam rubber: ideal for use on automobiles, household appliances, doors and windows;
• technical articles, obtained through moulding and shearing processes, such as seals, o-rings and rubber coatings for rollers;
• semi-worked and finished products in plastic materials, lexan and plexiglass sheets.
The project team work side-by-side with the customer right from the design phase, providing them with the benefit of a technical know-how accumulated in over 30 years’ of company activity. Advice is provided on the possible customisations for each individual project, and how the articles obtained from the workings can best be used.