A variety of types

Mechanical engineering, textile and hydraulics industries require the production of different kinds of cut gasGrafica1kets, from
simple washers to the most complex mechanisms, also according to their own designs. Each article is produced by performingdie-cuttingshearing and other cutting operations on plastics from rubber to PVC and that are suitable for use therefore in a wide range of applications.
What we have to offer

The AGED offer includes sheared seals in a variety of shapes – and even extremely complex designs on specific customer request – and in different types of plastics such as PVC, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyurethane and PTFE. Based in Turin, the company supplies seals and other technical articles to companies anywhere in the country. Products are obtained by die cutting all types of solid and foam rubber and other shearable materials.
Specialists in the field

In order to optimise production processes, and therefore final costs, orders are accepted for both small and large series of articles with dimensions up to 2000×1000 mm worked with 5-axis waterjet cutting, the same applying also for extremely thick plastics with dimensions of up to 4000×2000 mm. In the AGED catalogue can be foundgaskets that are able to satisfy your every requirement, from auto-adhesive and co-extruded to inflatable.