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From its site in Turin, AGED operates over the whole of Italy, and is specialised in the working of plastic materials. The company is able to supply an extremely wide range of semi-worked articles in the most common technopolymers such as Nylon (polyamide 6, 66, 6G), POM (Delrin, acetal resin), PET (Arnite), PVC, PTFE (Teflon), Polyethylene, Polypropylene. Also used are last-generation technopolymers with very impressive technical properties and resistance to extremely high temperatures such as PEEK, PPS (Polysulfone) and Polyamide.
All sizes

In the same materials, it is also able to supply finished products of any shape or size worked using numerically-controlled machine tools. Finished articles can be produced in small, large and very large series, and of small or large dimensions, with maximum diameters up to 1500 and lengths up to 3 metres.
Manufacturing operations

Workings consist of turning, using also large diameter vertical lathes, numerically-controlled milling, 5-axes machining centres and 5-axis waterjet cutting. AGED can also perform workings on methacrylate (plexiglas) to produce items of furniture and other articles such as display cabinets, and polycarbonate (Lexan) to produce windows, coverings, unbreakable panels, unbreakable transparent protections.