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Auto-adhesive rubber profiles are produced by extrusion using special extruders that force raw rubber through a die that reproduces exactly the profile indicated in the customer drawing. This phase is followed by a continuous vulcanisation treatment where the profile is passed through molten salt or  microwaves.

Standard profiles

AGED is able to supply profiles in all the most well-known rubbers such as EPDM, Viton (FKM), oil-resistant rubber (NBR), natural (para) rubber andthermoplastic rubber. Profiles can be made from compact rubber with hardnesses from 20 to 95 Sh, and from foam rubber (closed cell sponge rubber), in black or other colours. Another technique allows co-extruded profiles to be produced, where different types of rubber can be combined in the same profile, for example, compact rubber with foam rubber, rubbers of differing hardnesses, colours, and so on.
Complex workings

Profiles can be provided in fire-resistant EPDM, fire-resistant neoprene and fire-resistant silicone, with fire and smoke certifications provided for all train and tram supplies. Continuous adhesive strips can be applied to profiles, and also heat-activatable adhesive tape for subsequent bonding by hot or cold vulcanisation or by gluing. Frames and large-diameter ring seals can also be supplied.