As well as supplying all types of standard tubes for generic use commonly found on the market, AGED is also able to provide tubes made of special rubbers to satisfy particular customer requirements, or to resolve problems arising in specific sectors such as the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, rolling stock and environmental, to name but a few.
Rich variety

Our company is able to offer customers articles made out of every kind of rubber, of different  hardnesses and colours, that are resistant to all types of chemical products, high temperatures and abrasion. They are suitable for contact with food and are also fire-proof, with smoke emission levels complying with the most rigorous rail and tramway standards. The most sophisticated technologies and innovative products are constantly being researched to find answers to the increasing demands from widely different industrial sectors.
Satisfying all requirements

In addition, the various models can be provided complete with accessories such as fittings, gaskets, protection rings, customised markings, special packing and tubes for the passage of inert materials (dredge pipes) up to a diameter of 700 mm complete with fittings. Rubber tubes can therefore be supplied for any kind of application, also specially engineered to satisfy particular uses in line with customer’s needs, or in small series.